• You may come across different views regarding the content and length of a Business Plan.

    You will also find that there are different views regarding the use of a Business Plan and the benefits it provides.

    Our purpose is to provide a thorough explanation of what a Brief (Summarising) Abbreviated Business Plan is and when that is the appropriate type of Business Plan for your enterprise.

    Also, you can click, here, to read “What is a Business Plan, Who Needs one and Why, Benefits” ", explaining in detail what is a Business Plan and what it involves, how a Business Plan is utilised to maximise potential benefits and what are the Benefits provided.

    If your specific needs require a detailed Business Plan, you can click, here, to read in depth what information needs to be analysed and recorded in each section of your Business Plan.

    Bear in mind that in case you need a Business Plan to secure a Business Loan or to search for Investors, regardless of whether your business is an Existing Businesses or a Start-up, you will need a Formal Business Plan.

    Contact us for support in assessing your Business Planning needs, and for the Preparation and Implementation of the appropriate Business Plan for your enterprise.