Frangiskos Frangeskides

Frangiskos Frangeskides



  • Master in Management Information Systems
  • BSc in Computer Science


Frangiskos is a highly professional with more than 20 years of experience in the IT field. He has worked in many different positions and roles throughout his career and has a broad knowledge on all IT aspects.

Very early in his career he got involved in Research and Development, working in the field of “Human Computer Interaction - HCI”. His research resulted in the development of an innovative software that could be used by people with disabilities to interact with computers, achieving full control of a computer without physical contact. His work involved the design and development of face tracking algorithms that were a break-through for the time. The results of his research were disseminated through articles publications in scientific books and journals, and led to funding and awards. His work has been referenced in international publications from a number of authors from which some can be easily found in Google Scholar.

In parallel, between the years 2000 and 2008 he was the IT manager for an international corporation, DHL, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience by managing every aspect of the IT department, including budgeting, project planning and implementation, systems availability and security, in-house software development, major system migration to global data centres and increased employee productivity and satisfaction by implementing best in class software and infrastructure solutions.

In 2009, his passion for new challenges and creativity led him to work for the next 10 years in software development, leading the design and development of many customised software solutions for clients such as the Cyprus Police, Rescueline, Fileminders, Grant Thornton, various organisations in the health sector, companies in the Insurance industry and many others, using mostly web and cloud technologies.

He later participated in the development of the innovative software, and, used by some of the most recognised companies worldwide like ESPN, Amazon, IDEO and PayPal. He currently works for the successful implementation of the General Healthcare System, GHS (GeSY); the universal health insurance system of the Republic of Cyprus, implementing one of the largest IT projects in Cyprus.

Areas of Expertise

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Technology and innovation
  • Cloud solutions architecture